Our money. Our Purpose.

We create value through our capital and skills. In doing so, we enable your company to be faster, better and more successful.

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur: the evolution of traditional industries

CAPCELLENCE has been acquiring and developing medium-sized companies since 2005. Developed from a partnership with HSH Nordbank, we have been able to become independent through many successful transactions. Today, CAPCELLENCE is an independent private equity investor of a single family office in the SME sector, employs more than 1,700 people in its partner companies and generates a turnover of over €260 million.


CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | About us

CAPCELLENCE is entrepreneurial

We only invest entrepreneurially generated funds. We therefore know what entrepreneurship means. And only those who have created value for their own company can do the same for their partner companies.


Self-generated capital creates freedom and creates obligations.

CAPCELLENCE is independent

Our structure allows us to invest independently and flexibly. Our entrepreneurial background allows us to act dynamically and in a situation-specific manner. This makes us independent in our decisions and faster in our transactions. We can plan for the long term without exit pressure.


Independence makes you fast and creates serenity.

CAPCELLENCE invests sustainably

We are one of the few SME investors who can afford to invest in the long-term growth and value enhancement of our partner companies. This is made possible by our special structure, because we reinvest the capital that we generate.


Sustainable means: first sow then harvest.

CAPCELLENCE loves the SME sector

The DACH region is the economic engine of Europe and this is primarily thanks to the "German Mittelstand" with its innovative strength, technological ingenuity, courage, solidarity and solidity. CAPCELLENCE sees itself as a powerful partner for SMEs and that is why our target vision is:


We develop market leaders.

Bright minds create added value

We bring together bright minds to turn good companies into market leaders. This requires strategic and technological expertise, creativity and an understanding of customer needs. CAPCELLENCE has repeatedly and successfully demonstrated this in its partner companies.


Expansion of market position with CAPCELLENCE

Entrepreneurial know-how
  •     Clear strategy, consistent implementation
  •     Large network with special expertise
  •     Competent sparring partner
  •     Investment of equity capital
Strengthening the competitive position of companies
  •     Operational excellence
  •     Product excellence
  •     Strategic excellence
  •     Acquisition of complementary companies
Strategic market intelligence
  •     Development of international growth and volume markets
  •     Opening up new customer segments
  •     Focusing on customer benefits
  •     Strengthening the brand image

Industry specialization

CAPCELLENCE specializes in the further development of innovative, medium-sized companies.
Sector expertise

CAPCELLENCE has gained relevant experience in every sector and uses this expertise and an advisory board to support the management teams of its partner companies time and again - with passion, curiosity, courage and German precision.


This is our search profile

Sales volume

Small and medium-sized enterprises with a turnover of €15 million or more


Earnings situation

EBITDA of €1 - 5 million



Germany, Austria, Switzerland. International acquisitions are possible.


Equity investment

Equity of €10 - 30 million


Share amount

We prefer majority shareholding, minority shareholding only in exceptional cases in a controlling position


Preferred sectors

  •     Mechanical and plant engineering and industrial components
  •     Electrical, measurement and medical technology
  •     B2B services