Our Purpose . Our Values

Where capital and expertise lay the foundation for our success it is our values that make us strong.
We feel that representing core values such as decency, trust and reposibility is not an option but a duty to us.

If you want to create value, you must have value

The world belongs to the brave

We are entrepreneurs with courage, because we know the joys and sorrows of an entrepreneur from our own experiences. We know: The downside of investing in the future is risk. True entrepreneurship involves the calculated risk. We have the courage to make quick decisions, but also the strategic foresight to weigh up opportunities against risks.

CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | Philosophy

"When CAPCELLENCE expanded with us into Russia and Turkey, it was brave but not reckless.  It was a well-calculated entrepreneurial risk.

Richard Binning
MBO Manager and former Managing Director of QUNDIS

Success is the luck of the brave

We love success and strive for our companies to be among the best by providing unique customer value and a long-term perspective to employees. This requires a good eye for the potential of markets and technologies and a deep understanding of the customers' true needs. There are more SMEs in German-speaking countries being global market leaders in their respective field than in the rest of the world put together.




CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | Philosophy

"I've been struggling with myself for a long time whether I should sell my company Kundo to CAPCELLENCE. Today I know: It was the strategically right decision on the way to becoming the market leader."

Dr. Frank Obergfell
4th generation family entrepreneur, Managing Partner of OTG AG and Kundo Systemtechnik GmbH. Later member of the QUNDIS advisory board.

Growth needs patience

All our investments are sustainable and long-term. We believe in this and can afford to develop our partner companies with stamina and a steady hand. We give companies enough time to implement their strategy, since healthy growth and a clever expansion strategy create more value than quick profits.

CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | Philosophy

"CAPCELLENCE never took money from the company, although we were doing very well financially. That's why we were able to expand the company and invest in the future."

Klaus-Dieter Richter
MBO Manager and former Managing Director of QUNDIS. Later member of the advisory board.

Passion and empathy - as important as strategy

We are entrepreneurs with a heart and soul and know from our own experience that the best strategy will not work if not accompanied by a profound understanding of human nature. Companies are made great by people or run to the ground by people. Understanding these people is a fundamental prerequisite for entrepreneurial success.

CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | Philosophy

"I think the partners of CAPCELLENCE are really good. They are true business developers. With a lot of understanding for the real needs of the market and a great deal of drive in putting theory into practice."

Dr. Peter Stehle
Member of the SPHEROS Advisory Board

Partner instead of profiteer

When the wind blows from the front, the chaff separates from the wheat. That' s when it becomes clear whether an investment company is a true partner or just a cold investor. We are a strong partner who has never let down company. On the contrary: we invested anti-cyclically if we believed in the business model. Successfully!

CAPCELLENCE Mittelstandspartner | Philosophy

"Even in difficult times, when things got difficult in North Africa during the Arab Spring, CAPCELLENCE stood by GARDEUR. They provided the necessary refinancing to save the company."

Gerhard Kränzle
MBI manager and ex-CEO of ATELIER GARDEUR

Nomen est Omen

Our name CAPCELLENCE is both encouragement and obligation. Its two elements CAP(UT) and (EX)CELLENCE unite the two essential guiding values of our actions.


Coming from caput - head and from it derived capital. For CAPCELLENCE this means: pluralism of clever heads; these are our managers, advisory boards, co-partners and employees - our intellectual capital. In combination with our financial capital, CAPCELLENCE has the two most important types of capital a company can have - brains and money.


Whatever we do, we do it thoroughly and with confidence. We seek the best in our investments: in developing a strategic vision of excellence, we are clear and incorruptible in our judgment, but at the same time fair and cooperative in our conduct. For us, the spirit of true partnership and cooperation is the guiding principle of our entrepreneurial commitment.