By their work, you shall recognize them.

Our history proves: We strengthen the competitive position of our companies.

CAPCELLENCE is a part of its investments

We do not consider our shareholdings as anonymous investment objects, but as genuine partner companies with whom we cultivate a close and trusting relationship. They are a part of us. Our sense of responsibility and commitment is therefore strong.
This is why we do not charge any commissions or management fees, nor do we pay out any interest on our shareholder loans. We provide additional equity capital when special opportunities arise that are worth seizing.
Our current portfolio comprises companies with total sales of around € 250 million and a workforce of more than 2,000 employees.

The truth about CAPCELLENCE

As CAPCELLENCE, we want to be measured by the success of our partner companies. That is why we want our former and current managing directors, advisory board members, co-partners and employees to have their say about CAPCELLENCE.